Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finding the adventure in our own backyard.

Well, spring is finally here and things have been ramping up here at the Headwaters shop. With my busy work and family life my kayaking excursions lately are not what they once were. No big open ocean play time, no rock gardens, no river surfing, but that doesn't mean my kayak has been collecting dust. Due to the location of my home and store I'm not able to get to moving/ rough water without making a whole day of it, so lately I have been making the most of what is all around me, Fish! One cool thing about living in Lodi is that you are surrounded by water. You have the delta within 15 minutes, the Mokleumne River within 2 minutes, and a bunch of little foot hill lakes and ponds that are all within 45 mins away. The best part is everywhere has good fishing. So thats what I have been doing in my free time, getting out when I can and fishing from my kayak and stand up board. Weather it be for a couple hours before work, or couple in the evening after the shop closes. Having these mini adventures, keep my stoke tank full and happy. It also bring me back to my youth and reminds me of the simple joy of catching and releasing fish.

Last night during our Wednesday Evening Club paddle I decided to bring my pole and just hang out in Lodi Lake and fish the tules. I drifted along with the wind and cast my line right along the edge of the tule berm. To my surprise I immediately got a hit. I set the hook and reeled in hard. It was a nice 3lb large mouth bass. It was a good time. Everyone had fun watching me bring it into my kayak, and they joked that they may have lost their tour guide. 

I'm all about finding adventure in life no matter where you are. I think for Lodi kayaks and stand up paddle boards are the perfect answer to get people outside and into nature. With great fishing all around, and the beautiful Mokelumne River in our back yard, I can't help but feel like I have some good job security. If anyone wants to explore the area, please give me a call at the store and we can arrange a time to go paddle/ fish Lodi Lake and the Mokelumne River. The Lodi Paddle Club paddles every Wednesday night at 5:30pm. Its 100% free if you have your own kayak, and $20 to have me bring one out for you. Call and make your reservation today! 


  1. Awesome post Dan! Way to keep the stoke going and introduce more people to these amazing opportunities.

  2. Thanks Nano. Lets get out to the lake soon on the boards and catch some bass!